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Richard Feloni on 20 Time Management Lessons Everyone Should Learn in Their 20′s:

When you’re just starting your career, you need all the help you can get managing your time. Even when you’re working hard, you could be wasting a tremendous amount of time either by trying to multitask or by focusing too much on minute details.

Kevin DeYoung on What we all agree on, and what we (probably) don’t, in this sanctification debate.

We all agree the differences are not mere semantics. We all agree the issues are of crucial importance for the church’s preaching, counseling, and overall health and vitality. So let’s move past boilerplate and try to get to the bottom of these critical disagreements.

Sam Alberry on Same-Sex Attraction in the Church.

He lists a number of things churches can do to help Christians with same-sex attraction.

N. D. Wilson on Lighten Up, Christians: God Loves a Good Time.

We say we want to be like God, and we feel we mean it. But we don’t. Not to be harsh, but if we did really mean it, we would be having a lot more fun than we are. We aim for safety and cultural respectability instead of following our stated first principles: that we are made in God’s image and should strive to imitate him.

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