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God is not your boss.

Instead of viewing God as our BOSS, we should view Him as our FATHER.  That’s a different take on authority, isn’t it? God is our perfect, loving, heavenly father.  A father who loves us because we are his children, not because of our performance.  It is a relationship rooted in love, not in transaction.  It is a relationship that’s eternal, not temporary.

The 4 keys to faithful preaching.

 Faithful preaching accurately interprets the text of Scripture. This means that the author’s intended meaning for the passage is understood and proclaimed. Additionally, faithfulness to the passage means that the tone of the sermon is consistent with the passage (i.e. a sermon on a threatening passage doesn’t feel lighthearted) and the confidence of the sermon is in line with the clarity of the passage (i.e. dogmatic where the text is clear).

Michael Horton on The Jesus wife fragment is a hoax.

10 tips for writers.

All that to say, making a living at writing is not impossible, but it is not typical. If you feel the nudge to write, and if you HAVE to make a living at it, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.


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