Links for Your Weekend Reading


Kevin DeYoung on The importance of simplicity in preaching.

If the choice is preaching in such a way as to be thought intellectually and rhetorically impressive or preaching in a manner as to be understood, we must always choose the latter over the former. In preaching, clarity is king, and simplicity is his servant.

Luke Simmons on Avoiding ministry porn.

Ministry porn is voyeuristically viewing how other pastors and churches do ministry, fantasizing about their lives and situations, and, thus, avoiding the real work of leading people and building your own ministry.

Tony Merida on A pastor and his culture.

Instead of abandoning preaching, we must work to be both faithful and effective in our preaching. Besides this, there’s no reason to believe you can’t grow a church by preaching the Bible. 

Donald Miller on What it takes to write a book.

A book is like a two year old in that way. You just can’t take your eyes off it to do anything else or it’s going to get into trouble.



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