Rules that Kill


Do you ever feel like you are don’t measure up?

To what standard, we aren’t sure. It might be one we imagine, one we feel that a teacher, parent, spouse, boss, co-worker, neighbor or child has for us. It might not even be real, but it feels real.

What about measuring up to God?

We hear about grace, that it is free, completely unearned, given freely, yet we don’t always feel God’s love. God doesn’t always feel close or feel like He has forgiven us.

What do you we do when we don’t feel like we measure up or feel like we aren’t good enough?

Sunday, as we continue our series Changewe’re going to look at Galatians 2:1 – 14 and see how the first century church not only dealt with these questions, but almost split over them. This passage shows us what living in God’s grace looks like after following Jesus, but also why God’s grace and the truth of what He believes about us is so important.

If you or someone you know has a hard time believing that God can forgive them, that they don’t have to earn God’s love or that will continue to forgive them and work in their life, this is a great week to bring them to Revolution.

Also, don’t forget that we are having FREE pictures to celebrate Mother’s Day before and after the service. So, if you need a new family picture, a group photo with some friends or a new profile pic, come early or stay after.

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.

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