Rethinking Witness


The first session I was able to attend at this year’s Exponential conference was Michael Frost, Hugh Halter and Danielle Strickland talked on rethinking witness, looking at how we share the gospel in a personal way. While not as organizationally practical as the later sessions, it was incredibly impactful and convicting for me personally and how I live out a life that people will ask questions about so I can share the gospel with them. Here are some things they said that stood out:

Danielle Strickland

  • The goal of evangelism is not to show that Christianity is better, it is just to tell people about Jesus.
  • To witness to people, we must change the way we see people.
  • The disciples, when they witnessed, they saw people that everyone else ignored. When others saw invisible people, followers of Jesus see a visible person.
  • We need to see people not as a project, but as a person.

Hugh Halter

  • Our lives should be such that it makes it hard for people not to believe in Jesus.
  • Incarnating ministry means you deeply dive into humanity and the lives of others.
  • Jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn but to save. His followers should be known with that message.
  • Being a peacemaker doesn’t always work out.

Michael Frost

  • Missional is not acts of kindness.
  • Unexplained deeds in themselves do not constitute the mission of God’s people. –David Bosch
  • We are called to answer people’s questions about Jesus (Colossians 4), which means we need to live a life that will make people ask questions.
  • If you live this way (Titus 2), you will make the gospel attractive.
  • If no one asks you questions, you’re doing it (living your life) wrong.