Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • I was reminded yesterday why preaching through books of the Bible is important.
  • I preached on a topic I don’t struggle with as much as other topics and one I haven’t preached a lot on, because of that.
  • I feel a blog post coming on that.
  • I preached on approval and our desire to be liked.
  • It was stretching and convicting at the same time as I realized last week I easily make my relationships about others getting my approval.
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here.
  • Over the past week, Katie and I have been reading a book together that is so good. It’s John Ortberg’s new one: Soul Keeping: Caring For the Most Important Part of You.
  • Can’t recommend it enough.
  • I’m excited to be heading to Orlando later this week to speak at exponential.
  • I’m doing a breakout on how to transition a church with small groups to one with missional communities.
  • Should fun.
  • And humid.
  • Katie’s birthday is on Friday, so if you think of it, be sure to send her a birthday greeting.
  • I usually do a terrible job making her birthday special.
  • But not this year.
  • I have a lot planned for her (that is all a surprise).
  • Boom!
  • The downside for me is I’m not very good at keeping surprises from her.
  • Have to make it til Friday.
  • We had our newcomer’s lunch yesterday after church.
  • Blown away by how many people continue coming to Revolution.
  • We’ve had one every month this year and had over 20 people each time.
  • So cool.
  • I’d appreciate your prayers as we are pushing through a busy season as a church and a family.
  • We knew it ahead of time, but would still appreciate your prayers as we get closer to summer.
  • Time to finish my sermon for this Sunday and my exponential talk.
  • Here we go…
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