Boldness, Community and How God Moves


Sunday I’m preaching on Acts 4 and the boldness that the disciples had. One of the things that struck me about their boldness was how closely it went with generosity and community.

Boldness → Generosity → Community

Something in us knows the connection between boldness and community. Something in us also hates this connection. When we are hurting, we want community, but the last thing we want is to be bold to get it. We want it to fall into our laps, for someone to just show up and be a shoulder to cry on, but how can they help if we don’t ask?

Think for a minute, do you need community right now? Do you need someone to walk along side of you right now? What is keeping that from happening?


You are sitting on the sideline waiting for it to happen.

It’s the same with generosity. In Acts 4, as the church is bold, their generosity increases and they see God add to their number.

This is not an accident.

Boldness → Generosity → Community → God Moving

But it all starts with boldness. It all starts with a step.

Boldness to drop the pretense and be real.

Boldness to ask for help.

Boldness to be weak.

Boldness to open yourself up.

In that moment of boldness, others have the opportunity to be generous, to be community and in our weakness, in our humility, we stop trying to be God so we can see God be God.


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