Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • Hard coming back from a different week, a spring break week
  • It was great having the day off from preaching yesterday and having the opportunity to attend a new church plant here in Tucson with my family
  • Love sitting with Katie in church and hearing a sermon with her
  • If you are a pastor, when you don’t preach, you should go to a different church to learn and steal ideas
  • We kicked off a brand new series yesterday at Revolution called All In
  • Josh Watt did a great job of kicking the series off
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • He talked about why we should go all in with Jesus
  • Because Jesus went all in for us
  • I heard after church yesterday that Revolution has grown by 25% in the last year
  • And had over 20 guests yesterday
  • So humbling how God continues to move in our church and city
  • I got to share my story at a health and wellness seminar on Saturday
  • It was awesome to share how I lost weight, kept it off and the change Jesus made in my heart during that time
  • It has been awesome building my crossfit box at home and being able to do all my workouts in my garage
  • This weekend, with the help of a friend, I’m building a rack to do squats, pullups, dips and bench
  • So excited for that piece
  • Almost done
  • I have my coaching call with Brian Howard today
  • Talking about what my role needs to look like as Revolution goes from the 250 to 500 size in attendance
  • As our church continues to grow, my role continues to change and
  • I’m excited to be back preaching this week and looking at what it looks like to go all in in our daily lives
  • Changes everything about us
  • Time to get back to it…
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