10 Major Principles of Leader Accountability


I came across this in Tim Irwin’s new book Impact: Great Leadership Changes EverythingIt is from an interview he did with Steve Reinemund, former CEO of PepsiCo on how to hold yourself as a leader accountable:

  1. Get commitments from others to challenge me on a regular basis.
  2. Prepare myself in advance for those spontaneous, unexpected challenges to my integrity.
  3. Create a personal board of directors.
  4. Give veto power over contemplated actions to a respected and knowledgeable colleague.
  5. Hit the pause button for important decisions any time there is a lack of clarity.
  6. Conduct the visibility test – ask if whatever I am considering doing was visible to everyone around me, would I still do it?
  7. Be extremely careful about rationalization – have others test our reasons for contemplated actions.
  8. Heed early warning signals, especially any sense of extreme imbalance in our work and personal lives.
  9. Be clear about what you believe about success.
  10. Take the risk to give followers feedback on their personal behavior.


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