Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • Love the first week of a new series
  • I’ve been excited about this series for months
  • I love the story of Samson, what it tells us about men and what things snare men to make them fail
  • So many lessons in his life
  • There was an unexpected moment at the end of my sermon yesterday when I was talking about identifying your kids stories and blessing them
  • Something that is lacking in our culture for sure
  • I got so worked up
  • It wasn’t in my notes but the feedback to that moment was overwhelming
  • If you missed yesterday, you can listen to it here
  • Over the weekend I started reading Tim Irwin’s new book Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything
  • So many applications to the series I’m preaching right now
  • Love when that happens
  • If you’re a leader, you should definitely pick this book up
  • I don’t know about your family, but mine has been pummeled by the cold and flu going around
  • Katie has been sick for almost a week now
  • The worst part of this is how your family comes to a screeching halt because of it
  • I’m starting a new round of pre-marital counseling today
  • Really excited about this couple
  • They’re in our MC and in leadership at our church, so it should be a fun few months
  • I’m excited because we’re having a preaching lab this week with the goal of raising up more communicators at Revolution Church
  • Love seeing new guys stepping up and using their gifts in this area
  • Watching the winter Olympics makes me realize how much better the summer Olympics
  • I love the sports, but the summer sports are just more fun to watch
  • Back to it…
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