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Scott Cochrane on 3 ways to know you are developing the wrong person.

Be cautious when a leader’s primary concern seems to be how much platform time they will have or how it is that they will be identified or profiled in the church.

Mary DeMuth on How to protect your child from sexual abuse.

When you talk about sex, remember to talk about what is appropriate, safe touch and what is off limits. As you talk with your children about this, remind them that they have every right to say no, and say it with conviction. Tell them they can talk to you if they ever feel uncomfortable in someone else’s presence.

Dave Bruskas on 10 bad reasons to be a pastor.

Being a pastor requires you to spend considerable time alone in study and prayer. You will also give of yourself in knowing and serving non-Christians. Too many people mistake pastoral ministry for a never-ending summer youth camp. In reality, the two have very little in common.

Sutton Turner on How a lead pastor and executive pastor work together.

Love for the lead pastor isn’t about hero worship or hoisting someone up on a pedestal. It starts with a love for Jesus and his church, which results in an affection and respect for human leadership.

Trevin Wax on Pastor’s being incomprehensible in their sermons.

Do we rely on biblical concepts or phrases in ways that fail to make sense to outsiders? Let’s ask this another way. Would an unbeliever or a believer unfamiliar with the Bible be able to understand the basic message you are communicating in a sermon? If the answer is no, then we might as well be speaking in a foreign language.

Rich Birch on 5 ways to gain and keep momentum in your church.

There are seasons in your ministry when you can feel momentum happening … it seems like things are just flowing a little easier and the energy of the church is pushing the ministry forward. I’ve lead in ministries where the momentum is tangible … every step does seem to be easier than the one before. However, I’ve also lead in contexts where we don’t have momentum … everything seems to be an uphill push. In a church without momentum every step is more difficult than the one before. Gaining and keeping momentum is a difficult process for church leaders.

The Grueling Glory of Pastoral Ministry w/ Paul Tripp
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