Church Multiplication with Geoff Suratt | Session 1


Paul and I are spending the day learning about church multiplication and multi-site with Geoff Surratt. Really excited about today as we are looking towards church planting in the future of Revolution Church.

Here are some notes from the first session:

The Life Stage Cycles of Churches

  • All churches, because of their life cycle will eventually die. No church lasts forever.
  • The growth cycle for a church in America is 15 years. It then plateaus, followed by a new leader, a new direction and then begin to grow again.
  • The life stage of the church is: birth, child stage (launch of the church), a church moves into the adult stage (we know we will survive), after the adult stage is the parent stage, the next stage is grandparent stage, and the final stage is the senior citizens stage (it starts to become obvious the end is near).
  • The main goal in the child stage is survival, will we be here next week? Dollars and people are how you measure this stage.
  • The goal of the adult stage is maturing, adding programs, giving leadership that doesn’t involve the lead pastor. Disciples and leaders is how you measure this stage.
  • The goal of the parent stage is reproduction. 95% of existing churches never reproduce.
  • The goal of the grandparent stage is to bless new churches, find resources, mentor other leaders and churches, host events and pour into churches and leaders without expecting anything in return.
  • The goal of the senior citizens stage is their legacy and to be reborn so the mission can continue.
  • A church can be in more than one stage at the same time, they can also restart and move through the life stages again.

Multi-site models

  • Onsite venues: multiple services in the same place at the same time. This is the easiest and cheapest way to expand, but one of the hardest ways to grow unless the auditorium is packed.
  • Regional campus: Churches who plant churches in other areas of a city with video or live teaching. They do everything they do at the main campus.
  • Teaching Team.
  • Low risk campus.
  • The key to multi-site is not the preaching, but the campus pastor who pastors that congregation.


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