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The Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick was an incredible leadership book. I don’t know how else to qualify this book. If you are a leader, or hope to be a leader, this book is one you need to read this year.

I’ve already shared some thoughts from it on How to figure out God’s will, The time has come…, How to be an authentic leader and How to be capable to accomplish your dreams.

In this book, Lomenick uncovers the 8 things leaders today must do to be who God created them to be. Even though this book is marketed as a book for younger leaders (and if you’re under 30 you should read this), it is for a leader of any age.

One of the things I’ve been chewing on is this

To get to the top and to be successful at the top requires two different skill sets.

In fact, after reading this book it made my goals for growth in 2014 obvious to me.

Here are a few highlights:

  • We must never compare our beginning to someone else’s ending.
  • When people lead well, they are more likely to finish well.
  • Ambition must be grounded in wisdom. Inspiration must be pursued with integrity. Dreams must be built with boundaries. And passions need the steady hand of principles to guide them.
  • The right thing said in the wrong way is the wrong thing.
  • Without knowledge of one’s calling, leading well is impossible.
  • Leaders who make the biggest impact also have the strongest sense of calling.
  • A great lesson about leadership: I’m best when I’m being me.
  • If we don’t learn to be content with who God has made us and called us to be, then we will never reach our potential as influencers.
  • We must grow comfortable with who we are before we can share that person with others.
  • God is more interested in the sanctity of his people than the success of our ministries.
  • The best leaders is that they have the ability to “make it happen” and get something over the finish line.
  • Part of being a disciplined leader is being ready.
  • The most influential platforms today revolve around sharing and generosity.

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