I Want Breathing Room in Work & Life, Now What?


When it comes to breathing room, checking a box on Sunday can be the easy part. Actually putting it into practice, having conversations with a boss, a spouse, a child or friend, creating and sticking to a budget or cutting something out of your life, that can be the hard part.

As you move forward with breathing room, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Pray for yourself and the person you are going to talk to. Confess your sin and ask God to be with you and them as you have a conversation. If you are fearful, confess that. If you are worried that they won’t be open to what you’ll say, ask God to move (Daniel 1:9) and change their heart.
  2. Be humble as you talk to those affected by your choices. Daniel was humble, he didn’t go in guns blazing and throw a verse at anyone. He asked and allowed God to work and he allowed the King’s men to be in authority over him.
  3. Be like Daniel, asking your boss or spouse how to move forward, let them be a part of the solution. Let them talk with you about how to move forward, they might have a better idea than you do.
  4. Keep your commitment. Don’t shy away from this as you move forward. The Holy Spirit moved in your heart and our job is to move forward in faith. Trust that.  
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