The Time Has Come…


The time has come for you to be who God has called you to be, to live out His purpose for your life.
Never let your ambition force you to create a false self. As you lead, share the real you with others.
Root yourself in an untamable love for God. Seek Him first, and let Him handle the lesser things.
As you pursue this calling, make excellence a nonnegotiable. God deserves your best.
When the time comes to take a risk or make a difficult decision, push through the fear. He’ll sustain you.
Let your convictions and principles steady you. Hold fast to your integrity, discipline, and humility.
When stress runs high and difficulties arise, keep hoping. Remember that with God on your side, a better tomorrow is possible.
Build bridges, not walls, with those around you. There’s power in partnerships.
And finally, don’t believe the lie that you are the center of the universe. Seek out older leaders who can help grow you, encourage you, and guide you.
And then pour your life into others.

From The Catalyst Leader


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