What’s Happening in 2014 at Revolution Church

One of my favorite parts of my job is preaching. I love the time that goes into sermon prep, the agony of trying to nail a big idea, make Scripture as easy to understand as possible and then standing on a stage and communicating those truths. I love the life change that the Holy Spirit brings on a weekly basis and that people come back!

This spring, we are doing some things at Revolution on Sunday mornings that I’m incredibly excited about. Here they are:


On December 29th, we are kicking off a series called Breathing Room. We’ll look at how we often live without breathing room. In relationships, finances, our schedule, pace, life and family. We leave little to no breathing room, running from thing to thing, spending money we don’t have. And in the end, we squeeze life out of us. Here’s what we’ll look at:

December 29: Squeezed
January 5: Time Management
January 12: How to be Rich
January 19: Choosing to Cheat – When Work and Family Collide


From there, we will do something we have never done before at Revolution: a series geared totally to women called Beautiful. My wife Katie will join me on stage and help me teach this series as we look at what God created women to be, how to become that woman, what are the roadblocks to becoming that woman. We’ll look at body image issues, how to let go of your past, how to use your tongue in a positive way, and the legacy you should strive for as a woman. We will also talk to men about how to help their wives become this woman, how a single guy finds a girl that God calls “Beautiful” and how to raise girls who are “Beautiful” in the eyes of God. Here’s what we’ll look at specifically:

January 26: Me, Beautiful?
February 2: Letting Go of Your Past
February 9: The Priorities of a Woman


That’s not the only new thing we are doing on Sunday mornings this spring. Right after Beautiful, we will do a series geared towards men called Fight. For this series, we will use the life of Samson to see the battles that men fight with their past, their present and their future. We’ll look at what plagues men and keeps them from becoming the man God created them to be, what men who win those battles do that other men don’t, how a wife can help her husband become the man God created him to be, how to help your daughter find a man worth having, how a single woman can find that man and how to raise sons who become the men who win the battles that matter most. Here’s what we’ll cover in this series:

February 16: When Strong Men are Weak
February 23: Emotions that Take Strong Men Down
March 2: You’re One Decision Away from Wrecking Your Life
March 9: Failing Forward

For more information on Sunday mornings at Revolution Church, go here.

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