Turning from Your Sin


On the cross Jesus said, “It is finished.” He did all he came to do. His death accomplished what it needed to accomplish. The reason is because he came out of the grave.

Yet, we still struggle, we still fail and we still sin.
Our sin placed Jesus on the cross. Yet, he died knowing we would sin and fail. Instead of resigning ourselves to this and giving up, we can and should fight our sin through the power of the cross.
The first step is believing that this is true. When we sin, we need to quickly run to the cross, confess our sin. Don’t walk around with your sin. Don’t let your sin stay between you and Jesus. Throw yourself on the mercy of the cross.
The second step is the more practical side of fighting your sin. What is your plan to fight your struggle and live in freedom?
Here are some things to think through:
  1. When you are most likely to sin, fall into a trap. How do you avoid that place? We often fall into traps at the same time in the same place. We often sin in the same way because we are creatures of habit.
  2. What things do you need to sin? Is it food, a computer, someone else? How do you take that out of the equation? Whatever it is, take it out of the equation. You don’t need to have snack food in your house, you don’t need to get on the internet or social media at 11pm. You don’t need to be alone with that person you aren’t married to.
  3. What things lead up to you sinning? Are there feelings or circumstances that make you more likely to sin? It is when life feels out of control, when you are tired, run down? If so, be on your guard then.
  4. Who can you bring along on this journey for accountability and encouragement?


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