Why did Jesus Die?

Made for Glory

At the center of Christianity is a cross. One author said, “All roads lead to the cross and all roads come from the cross.”

What makes this so significant? How does Jesus’ death separate Christianity and the truth of the gospel from other religions? Did Jesus really need to die or could salvation be paid for another way?

Maybe you are like the guy I talked to the other who wondered what the cross actually did.

If the cross is real and Jesus really died in your place (which I believe he did), how does that change your life?

As we continue our series Made for Glory in John 19, and look at the death of Jesus we see that this is all we need. Jesus says in vs. 30 “It is finished.”  Finished what?

What about the bitterness you still have? What about the sin and addiction you still struggle with? Why are you so envious or always comparing your life to others? Why can’t you let go, forgive someone, believe that you are loved by God?

If you or someone you know, find yourself having a hard time believing that you can be free of something, forgiven for everything you’ve done, or have questions about why Jesus had to die, this is a great week to be at Revolution.

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