Is there Hope for Men?

I have no hope in guys. But I still have hope for the guys because they are “the image and glory of God.” God wants his glory to shine through men. God wants his kingdom to be made visible through them. God wants them to be his sons. God wants them to follow, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the example of Jesus. I don’t care if you buy a truck or play some video games or rock out on your guitar. But the problem is when those are prevalent, predominant, and preeminent in your life. Some of you would argue and say, “It’s not a sin.” No, but sometimes it’s just dumb. You got fired because you fell asleep at work after staying up too late to get to the next level of some online game and become a guild leader. That’s dumb. You work one part-time job so you can play more guitar or frisbee golf. That’s dumb. You spend all your money on a new car or truck or toys or gear or clothes or gambling or fantasy football. Dumb. Some of you say, “Well, it’s not a sin.” Neither is eating your cereal box instead of the cereal. It’s just dumb. There are a lot of things that Christian guys do that aren’t evil; they’re just dumb and childish. There’s nothing wrong with being a boy – if you are a boy. There is a big problem if you are a boy with a beard and a condo. -Mark Driscoll, Call to Resurgence

One thought on “Is there Hope for Men?

  1. Ahhhh Marky Mark. Still got it bro! Truly spoken, as our hope is never in the ability of men (or women) to get it together and figure it out, but solely in the work of Christ applied to sinful hearts by the Holy SPirit.

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