Comfort, Peace and Finding Something Greater

Made for Glory

Have you ever wondered what God is doing right now?

People often debate if God is real, why he allows things to happen that we deem not okay. But what is God doing this moment?

When your life is hard or uncomfortable, is he there? When a child rebels, a spouse walks out, finances run low or you fail a class, is he there?

This question has enormous implications on our daily lives. This gets to the heart of who God is, his love and care for us and our world, how we interact with Him today and how He interacts with us.

This Sunday, we’ll continue our series Made for Glory as we look at John 14:7 – 31. Particularly at verse 12 where Jesus says His followers will do greater works than He did. How is that possible?

If you have ever struggled with feeling the closeness of God, seeing the Holy Spirit move in your life or have wondered how to interact with God or how He interacts with you to bring you peace, comfort and wisdom into your life. This is going to be a great Sunday to be at Revolution.

To go with the day, here’s a new song that Paul is teaching that perfectly sums up this message. Listen and come ready to sing!

We will also be celebrating baptism. If you haven’t signed up yet, email Ciara Hull to get details.

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.