Quick Book Reviews: Matt Chandler, Tullian Tchvidjian & Bob Franquiz

There are 3 books that came out recently, that have been very helpful for my spiritual walk right now.


The first is One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World by Tullian Tchvidjian.

Tullian tackles the topic of why we are so weary instead of refreshed in our spiritual journey. That for many people, it is the endless running of trying to be more, do more and improve their standing in the eyes of God. When, as a follower of Jesus, you cannot do anything to improve your standing before God.

This message, if understood by Christians would lead to more life, more joy and less burning out to show God how awesome you are.


The second one is To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler. Chandler walks through the book of Philippians in a helpful and refreshing way. I used this book for a week or so as my devotional (reading through a passage in Philippians and a chapter of the book).

I found this to be a helpful way to move through a book of the Bible and be able to understand more fully what Paul meant when he said, “to live is Christ but to die is gain.” It is a great book that shows what is most important in life and how to move towards that in practical ways.


The third one is Pull: Making Your Church Magnetic by Bob Franquiz.

I’ve become friends with Bob over the last few years, been a part of his coaching network and gleaned stole all kinds of ideas from him. He is simply a genius when it comes to church systems, church growth and marketing. His book, Pull, is all his best knowledge put together in one book. The chapters on Facebook ads and using social media to spread the word of your church are worth the price of the book.