Everyone Finds Jesus Differently


While all Christians realize the title of this blog post is true, we often forget it. Many times, we fall into the trap that says: What rescued me, what impacted me to start following Jesus will work for everyone.

Many times, this is what is underneath our passion for more modern music, deeper preaching, life on life discipleship, a women’s ministry, a men’s ministry, a singles ministry. You name it. Whatever ministry God used to save you, we often think, “If everyone experiences that, they’ll be saved.”

The reality is that everyone starts following Jesus differently.

This came up in the passage I just preached on in John 9 this past Sunday at Revolution. You can listen to it here if you haven’t already.

The Pharisees are having a hard time with Jesus healing the man born blind on the Sabbath because they don’t do it that way. They don’t think God works that way, they’ve never seen it done before (vs. 32), or they weren’t saved that way.

I’ve had this conversation so many times I’ve lost count (and every pastor can relate). It goes like this, “Pastor Josh, we need to start a __________ ministry to reach ___________. If we do, Revolution will explode.” Or, “Josh, if we just get every man to do __________” or, “If we get every woman/student/single to do ____________ they’re life will be changed.” Or, “Josh if you preached more topical sermons, more deeper sermons, longer sermons, shorter sermons more people would get saved.” Or, “Josh, if we did faster songs, slower songs, more responsive readings, more hymns, more modern songs, if it was louder, if it was quieter, people would worship more than they do.”

Now, I’m not saying those things won’t change their lives, but we show a lot of immaturity if we think God only saves people the way we were saved or the ministry we are passionate about.

One thought on “Everyone Finds Jesus Differently

  1. Josh I agree with what you preached and with the focus of your blog. Since people are fond of saying what they think should be done, I guess I will chime in. I think you should just keep preaching the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ , just as you have been for as long as I have known you. Personally I do not think anyone “finds” Jesus, I believe that the bible teaches us that God pursues us, sent His Son to redeem us and continues to pursue those who are not yet saved through the power of the Holy Spirit and the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think if we had less ministries, (which typically exist to serve those who profess belief in Christ more than those who are lost) and more solid converted believers preaching the gospel (i.e. Jesus) to everyone they can, that would change everything.

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