The End Game of Preaching

Many people confuse the end game of preaching. The end game of preaching is not to keep people’s interest. That’s where a lot of people go off track. You can do all kinds of things to keep people’s interest, but you’re not faithfully representing the God of the Bible. So I try to keep people’s interest, but that’s not the end game. Some people think the end game is relevancy. We don’t make the Bible relevant; the Bible is universally relevant. We show its relevancy. The Bible is applicable to people no matter what they’re facing, because God’s Spirit uses it.

The end game of preaching is not being interesting or being relevant. The end game of preaching is the person’s view of Scripture. The Bible is spiritual life to a person. It’s nourishment; it’s faith; it’s victory over sin; and it’s grace and strength. The Bible is our spiritual food. People are starving while preachers try to make it relevant, or they try to make it interesting. At the end of the day, I want people to see that the message of the Bible is God’s Word to them, powerful and life changing. If I can lead people into the life-changing power of God’s Word, they’ll want to get into the Word for themselves.

So the end game of preaching is simply this: to display the wealth and richness of the gifts that God has given to us in his Word. If that happens, although they can’t remember my outline or the title of my message or what we preached on for the third Sunday in February, they’ll still remember what they thought about this biblical passage or book when they heard it being proclaimed from the pulpit. So the end game of preaching is a view of Scripture. A lot of guys come into the pulpit with the wrong view of Scripture themselves, so the people can’t end up with a right view of Scripture. -From Prophetic Preaching