Adoption Trip Update #6

On Friday, Katie and I left Ethiopia. It was definitely hard to say goodbye to our son knowing that we won’t see him for 5-10 weeks. He was a mess when we left, also knowing that we wouldn’t be back tomorrow. Knowing the issues of abandonment he has already dealt with, that he is 4 years old and has a hard time understanding what is happening, I told Katie later that moment of saying goodbye was the closest I’ve ever come to crying.

She was glad to know I had feelings.

Landing in Rome on Sunday was just what we needed. Even though we’re in Rome, Katie and I aren’t the type who plan out a whole day of activities and run til we drop. We’ve walked around and have seen a ton of really cool things and have eaten some amazing food, but we also took a 3 hour nap yesterday.

Here are some pictures of our morning walk through the streets of Rome:



After taking a much needed nap, we embarked on a night walk through Rome and a search to find dinner. Eating gluten free has not been as difficult in Rome as one might expect. In fact, in Italy, if you have celiac disease, you get a stipend from the government to buy gluten free food because it is more expensive. Just another way the States are behind other countries.

Here’s a shot as the sun was going down:


Dinner was incredible. They had gluten free pasta that tasted like regular pasta. We had a wine that had one the best wine in Italy for 3 years in a row. The whole thing did not disappoint.


Here are some night shots of our way back to our room:


Time to get going for another day. Today were heading to the forum and colosseum and probably a nap. It felt weird last night that as we were walking to dinner Revolution was happening and I was preaching via video. I can’t wait to get back and preach live this coming Sunday for,the first time in 8 weeks! So pumped for that.