Adoption Trip Update #4

It’s hard to believe it is Thursday morning and that we’ll leave Ethiopia tomorrow.

Meeting our son has been a range of emotions knowing that we will be leaving and that we won’t return to bring him home for 5-10 weeks. It has been awesome to watch the way he and Katie have been bonding so far and how his demeanor towards us has changed this week. The psychologist tells us he understands what is going on as much as a 4 year old can understand international adoption.

Yesterday, we went up one of the mountains in Addis Ababa and learned more about the history of Ethiopia, I posted a picture here Definitely something I need to do more reading on than I already have to help our son stay connected to where he came from.

Today, were heading to see the orphanage where he stayed. I’m not sure what that will feel like, I’m preparing myself for utter heartbreak.

Then we’re finishing the night at an Ethiopian jazz club, which I’m expecting to be awesome!