Adoption Trip Update #2

It’s Tuesday morning here in Ethiopia. Our luggage has not arrived yet and as we found out, it’s 50 degrees and raining here as it is the rainy season. I only had shorts in my carryon, so we went to a market yesterday and I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. I’ll post pictures on instagram here www. later.

We got to meet our son yesterday and as we stood outside of the transition home, we weren’t sure what to feel. We had waited 3 and a half years for this moment. It felt nerve wracking, exciting and anti climatic all at the same time as we stood on the porch n the rain and waited for him to walk out.

When he came out, he just stood there and didn’t look at us. We’re learning that he’s very shy and sadly no one at the transition home speaks his language, so he lives in a world of no talking and listening to languages he doesn’t understand.

Slowly he warmed up to us.

Katie as always was well prepared and pulled out a Spider-Man backpack and grabbed a balloon that we blew up and he immediately wanted to hit it with us. This lasted almost 30 minutes which was fun. We blew bubbles with him and every time one popped in his face he would get this big smile and laugh.

It was priceless and what we traveled 30 hours hoping and praying we would see.

He actually was looked sad when it was time for us to leave.

Thanks to everyone who was praying for our first visit with him. We had no idea how it would go but we prayed and prayed that we would click with him and he would feel comfortable with us, which seemed to happen.

Today, we get to wear the clothes we wore yesterday and head to court. This involves waiting all day for 5 minutes of excitement. Much like the life of spy is how I’m thinking about it.

Say a prayer that there are no holdups and it goes smoothly.