Adoption Trip Update #1

Crazy whirlwind for the last few days. Wednesday we found out we had to be in Ethiopia by August 5, so we quickly bought plane tickets, I wrote and recorded 2 sermons and we figured out childcare.

Saturday morning at 6am, Katie and I boarded a plane in Tucson & 30 hours later we landed in Dubai.

Right now it’s Monday morning here and we are getting ready to board a plane to Addis Ababa & if everything goes as planned, we should meet our son today.


My body is not sure what time it is so hopefully that changes soon and I get on this time zone.

Heard good things about Revolution yesterday even though I wasn’t there. Love how technology allowed me to preach via video and be on a plane at the same time. I’m so grateful to Glen Elliott and Pantano Church for the way they blessed our church by helping us pull the video sermons off on short notice. I called them Wednesday night after we bought tickets and they made it happen by Friday morning. 6 years ago when we moved to Tucson, churches were not helping each other like that. That’s a huge evidence of God’s grace on our city.

Our 16 hour flight last night was insanely long. It was sad and funny how a guy near me yelled at a flight attendant so bad that his wife told the flight attendant to walk away. Over his food.

Got to watch 3 movies on the plane: Admission, G.I. Joe Retaliation & The Place Beyond the Pines. Admission was funny. Lots of stuff blew up in G.I. Joe for very little reason as the story was lacking. The place beyond the pines was incredible. If you are a man, you need watch it as it clearly shows the father wound men have and shows articulates the father and shows the importance of fatherhood.

Hoping to blog some more updates while we travel this week. Time to board a plan