Jesus, Art & Worship This Morning


Here’s a great reminder about appreciating art that can easily be applied to worshiping Jesus this morning in your church:

No passing and hurried glance at a great painting as we stroll down the corridors of an art gallery will ever suffice to reveal to us its richness and significance. If we sit down in a quiet gallery and limit our attention to a single picture, then it will act upon us. For a great painting is an active agent and can affect us. We need there to sit receptive, open-minded, alert, quiet, before it. Furthermore, no single introspection is sufficient. Many repeated visits to the same painting are required before we begin to grasp its significance. We know that we must wait patiently until, in its own way and time, it discloses its meanings. The truth in the painting must find and fit the need that is in us. -Charles Whiston, found in The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing