2 “Random” Evidences of God’s Grace

Yesterday, July 4, was an awesome day. Not just for the reasons that it was a great day for most people. A day off, to spend with family and friends celebrating the freedoms we enjoy. It was all that, but more for me.

First, on our way to swim and grill out with some of our MC, we stopped at the store to grab a few things. As I was standing in line, a line that seemed to take longer than it should. I started to grow impatient and look at my phone, which is normal for me. But had a moment where I felt like I should stop looking at it and pay attention. So I did. The lady in front of me was close to 70 years old and after everything was rung up, her bill was $17 more than what she had. She was paying in cash. As she stood there, beginning to panic as she tried to figure out what to not buy. The people behind me were growing more and more restless and the cashier was getting frustrated as he kept asking her, “Do you want me to take this off? What about this?” For me, my normal is to get frustrated and impatient, but surprisingly, I felt none of those things. Instead, I found myself paying for the difference. When I told Katie after I got in the car, she seemed pretty stunned. Gavin in the back seat her heard the story asked, “Are we going to be on the news?”

No idea where that comes from.

The second was after we got home from our picnic with our MC. Our neighbors next door we have yet to really meet. They both work long hours and we rarely see them. I was unloading the car and the husband walked over and asked if we would mind him shooting off some fireworks around 8pm, if that would bother us. He assured me they would just light up the sky and make no noise. Which felt a little bit like something a teenager would tell their parents. As we talked he said, “if your kids are still up, come over.” This was a no brainer as we have been praying about how to build a relationship with this family and show them God’s love. You can see the adventures from the night here, here, here, here and here.

Quick lesson from the day: being open and available to what God might want to do takes your day on an adventure. Blown away by how God uses us in simple, everyday ways like paying for groceries and watching fireworks. Who knew the gospel can spread that way?

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  1. I thought this was good. The second part is EXACTLY why our MC exists. I love reading other’s experiences about building relationships with their neighbors.

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