Apply a Sermon to Their Future Selves


One of the struggles people have with making changes in their lives they know they should make is that they can’t see themselves down the road.

For example, everyone knows that if you eat healthier, you increase the chances of living longer. Yet, people continue to eat fast food, drink soda and have too many desserts. Why? We can’t see our future selves. We only know we are in a hurry, want a burger or crave chocolate.

Or another one. Most people know they should save for retirement, yet every study points out that less and less people are planning for their future. Why? We need money now and it is hard to imagine our lives 20-40 years from now.

The same thing happens when someone hears a sermon. They like the concept, are intrigued by the idea of Jesus, the way what you are talking could change their life for the better, but they leave and don’t do anything about it. Why? They can’t see themselves in the future.

To move people, you have to help them see themselves 1, 5, 10 years down the road and how applying this one truth will impact them for good in that range.

I’ve started to say things like, “Imagine what your life would be like next month or next year if you believed this was true. How would your life change 5 years from now if you believed God loved you unconditionally and you could be free from __________?”

Challenge them to see their future selves and how applying this one truth brings about good in their lives down the road.

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