The Most Important Minutes to a Guest on a Sunday Morning


Guests at Revolution Church matter a great deal. We care about the environment for them, how they feel, and helping them take their next step with Jesus and Revolution.

To this end, we have thought through the most important moments to a guest:

  • The first seven minutes they are on the church campus.
  • The last 10 minutes they are on the church campus.

I’m not saying these are the most important moments of a church, a service or what we think matter the most. They are the minutes that matter the most to an unchurched guest.

In the first 7 minutes a guest is deciding if they will come back. How easy was parking to find? How hard was it to find my child’s classroom and get them checked in? How secure was the kids ministry? Were the bathrooms easy to find? What about coffee and refreshments?

All of these things happen before a guest sits down.

When they walk in, did someone smile at them? Did someone talk to them?

In the last 10 minutes they are asking their fit in a church. Is anyone talking to them? How did the preaching and music speak to them? Did they find the pastor understandable? Relatable? Did he talk over their heads? Did he make them want to come back and find out more about Jesus? Did the spirit move them during the preaching and the music? Did anyone say, “I’ll see you next week?”

Taken together, these minutes decide a guest’s opinion of the day and if they will be back.

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