My Notes from Preach the Word 2013

I just got back from Reno where I was at the Preach the Word conference through Acts 29. It was so good for my heart and soul to hear some good gospel truths from great communicators.

Here are my notes for each session:

Preaching God’s Two Words: Law and Gospel | Justin Holcomb

The law directs and the gospel delivers.

Missional Preaching | Alex Early

Instead of seeing a sinner, see someone who has the potential to change the world for Jesus.

Preaching as Worship | Leonce Crump

We approach the bible with 3 problems: identity, idols and need and Jesus can fill them all.

Panel Discussion Day 1

Sometimes guys plant churches because they want to have a crowd to preach to. That’s not a good reason to plant.

Textual Preaching | Tony Merida

Great exposition on 2 Timothy to preach the word to yourself, preach the word pastorally, consistently, comprehensively, patiently, and theologically.

Gospel Centered Preaching | Harvey Turner

Great talk on being evangelistic in our preaching and lives. Here’s one line, “Maybe the reason churches swell at Christmas and Easter because that’s the only time most churches preach Jesus.”

Good Preaching | Justin Anderson

This was the most helpful session of the whole conference. Great evaluation stuff.

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