Preach the Word 2013: Panel Discussion

At the end of each day at the Preach the Word conference they did a panel discussion with the speakers for the day. Here are some things that jumped out at me from the discussion with Justin Holcomb, Alex Early and Leonce Crump:

  • You can grow a church through preaching through books of the Bible. 
  • When you go to minister to people, take someone with you. Don’t hang out with non-Christians on your own. Use that as a chance to mentor and disciple new leaders.
  • An indicative in the Bible is not the gospel, it is often the fruit of the gospel. It is describing, “this is the reality.”
  • Everyone wants to be a good person. An effective communicator sets up the tension that you can’t be.
  • Sometimes guys plant churches because they want to have a crowd to preach to. That’s not a good reason to plant.
  • You narrow your approach to preaching if you don’t think about who is in the room.
  • You can’t go wrong preaching Jesus because he’s always confrontational but always welcoming.
  • To reach your neighbor, you must know your neighbor.
  • You are a lazy pastor if you don’t evaluate your preaching.

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