Preach Better Sermons || Steven Furtick

bookI’m watching the online conference Preach Better Sermons today and wanted to share some of the learnings I picked up. One of the speakers was Steven Furtick, who is the founding pastor of Elevation Church. He’s also the author of Greater and Sun Stand Still

Here’s what I got out of Steven’s segment:

  • Steven plans 4 months in advance and finds this keeps things fresh in his mind. 
  • Steven is very involved in the creative elements and process of each service because of his passion for that.
  • For a successful creative sermon process: listen to the pastor’s vision, let the artists work on what comes to mind from this (separate from the pastor), bring it back to the pastor. This brings a greater vision and sometimes different from what the pastor would do, which can be a good thing.
  • The whole worship service is one thing, not separate parts, it is one thing.
  • The service is won and lost in transitions.
  • Preaching and a worship service communicate what your values are.
  • I really appreciated hearing how Steven prays and confesses sin before preaching. Loved hearing his heart on that.
  • You can’t preach better than you pray.
  • The more preaching is about the people and less about the performance, that’s when passion comes and God shows up.

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