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bookI’m watching the online conference Preach Better Sermons today and wanted to share some of the learnings I picked up. One of the speakers is Pete Wilson. Pete is the founding and senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, the second church he has planted in the last seven years. Pete graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in communications then attended seminary at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. His desire is to see churches become radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another, and relentlessly dedicated to reaching those outside of God’s family.

Here are some things that jumped out from his segment:

  • You should plan and prep as far out as you can. 
  • If I don’t get a good start at the beginning of the week, I feel behind all week.
  • Gather as much information at the beginning of your sermon prep, worry about editing later.
  • When the church reads, they grow. Find resources to reinforce the message.
  • When you attach your identity to the success or failure of your message, you are in for a roller coaster ride and it is dangerous.
  • Feedback is helpful, but can’t be the focal point of your identity.
  • For a sermon to last, you have to utilize blogs and social media to help it stick.

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