How to do a 90 Day Giving Challenge


Twice a year at Revolution Church, we do a 90 day giving challenge. This isn’t a new idea, in fact, churches have been doing it for years. Here’s how we set it up:

If you aren’t giving back to God at Revolution Church, today is the day to take that step. For the next 90 days, give. See what God does as he expands your faith and works in your heart. Malachi 3 tells us to test God in the area of our finances. If over the next 90 days you don’t see God move in your life, expand your faith, then let us know and we’ll give back all the money that you gave. No questions asked. You should know that since our first giving challenge in 2008, we’ve never had anyone ask for it back.

As people take this step, we send them a book, a note about what is ahead and then throughout the 90 days I send them 7-8 emails with stories of God’s faithfulness, verses and other encouragement to continue in this challenge.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are going to do this at your church:

  • It needs to come from the lead pastor, someone else can’t do it. The vision starts at the top, he has to communicate it.
  • It can’t feel like an add on, it must be a specific next step from the sermon and passage.
  • This can’t be the first time you talk about generosity or giving. This must be part of your DNA, otherwise it will feel like a beg for money.
  • If you are behind budget, you must explain why this isn’t a money grab. One of the things I’ve always done is tell people, “Don’t believe me, give to another church for 90 days and see what happens, but we won’t give your money back if you do that.” Perry Noble says this principle is telling people “you want something for them not from them.”
  • Be clear about how they join the giving challenge and have your resources and emails ready to go for the following days. I send out 7-8 emails to everyone who does the giving challenge over the course of 90 days.
  • Use a story from someone who has done it before. This is always golden to have someone share how God moved in their life during the giving challenge.

If you are curious, you can hear how I laid out at recently when we were going through the book of Ecclesiastes.

One thought on “How to do a 90 Day Giving Challenge

  1. This post reminded me of a quote from Bill Hybels that I recently read:
    “People don’t give to organizations or to other people. They give to visions. When leaders who understand this take the time to paint pictures for people and to help them imagine the kingdom good that will result from their collective efforts, then people are free to release their resources joyfully. And generally, the grander the vision, the greater the giving.”

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