What You Need to Know about Easter Weekend @ Revolution


Here are a few things you need to know about the first Easter Sunday (and weekend) at Revolution Church:

  1. It is going to be incredible. I say it every week and this week is no exception. Come to Revolution Church ready to see God do some incredible things. 
  2. Pray. Pray for the leaders who will be leading worship, preaching, leading in Rev Up and Planet Rev. Pray for guests who will come and hear the truth about Jesus and their need for him. Pray for open doors before handing out invite cards.
  3. Good Friday we will be participating in the Stations of the Cross. This is a move at your own pace, worship experience. Childcare will be provided and you are free to come any time between 6 and 7:30pm on Friday night. The stations go through the final hours of Jesus’ life and bring us face to face in a powerful way as to what Jesus went through on our behalf.
  4. Hand out invite cards. Don’t come to Easter Sunday by yourself. Every study says that Americans would go to church if someone would invite them, so make the ask. Use Facebook, pass out a card, send them an e-vite. But invite them.
  5. Parking. Parking at Magee is somewhat limited and even on regular, non-Easter Sundays we can have a completely full parking lot.  We can, however, open up a lot of spaces if we utilize the bus drop off lane on the east side of the building, along with parking along the curb on Keesal Ave (the street on the east edge of the school).  With our regular attenders parking in these areas and leaving the more obvious spots in the school parking lot open, we will have plenty of room for guests and late arrivers to find a place.
  6. Sunday. Be ready for guests. Say hi to people you don’t know. Be kind and courteous in the parking lot. Fill up the front to make room for guests who may come late.

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