How to Sin to get Attention


On Sunday, I preached on making decisions and how to make wise ones instead of foolish ones.

Foolish decisions are easier to make and get your more attention.

I’m not sure you can argue with the truth of that statement, but you can try. I think many people make foolish decisions, sinful decisions simply for attention. If you make foolish decisions, run your life close to the rails, off the rails, you’ll get attention. If you make wise decisions, you won’t.

I know many people right now who are making choices, just for attention. Whether that is living with someone they aren’t married to, being in a homosexual relationship, going into debt, continuing in an addiction, staying unemployed. All in an effort to get attention.

Now, they won’t say their sin is for attention.

Here’s a question for you to wrestle with, is there any sin in your life that you are committing simply to get attention? You know it is broken, but you continue in it because that is how you get someone to notice you.

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