Monday Morning Mind Dump…


  • What a day yesterday
  • Church was off the charts
  • It was great being back after a week off from preaching
  • We continue to set up more and more chairs and God continues to fill them up
  • We had a newcomer’s lunch yesterday
  • Blown away that we’ve had 3 in the 3 last months and had over 60 people attend them
  • Love the excitement and questions new Revolutionaries have
  • Continued our series in Ecclesiastes yesterday and talked about how to enjoy and savor life
  • Something I’m growing in
  • I’ve been loving this series
  • Ecclesiastes hits a ton of topics I would never pick to preach on, one of them was yesterday’s
  • We’re finalizing our plans and things for Easter weekend
  • So excited to do the stations of the cross as a church
  • If you’ve never done it, make sure you don’t miss it
  • It’s powerful
  • We’re kicking off a brand new series on Easter called Jesus Changes Everything on the book of John
  • This is the first time in the history of Revolution that we’re preaching through a gospel
  • Can’t wait
  • While we were away, I discovered Peet’s coffee to drink at home, we’ve totally switched from Starbucks
  • If you are looking for some good worship albums, here are 2 that are on constant play at my house right now
  • The United one is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year, of any genre
  • Really excited for tomorrow as we are having our preaching lab for some up and coming preachers at Revolution
  • If you’re free for lunch, come out and support them
  • Pumped for next Sunday at Revolution
  • I’m preaching on how not to be an idiot
  • I’m sure you know someone, so make sure to bring them

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  1. Hi
    I’m listening to your sermon series on Ecclesiastes online. It’s powerful and really getting me to think about my life diffreantly. During the week I’m dong the Ten min in Prayer Ten min in the Bible worksheet. I just listened yesterday morning to the second sermon Ecclesisates 1:12-2:26.

    Thank you for sharing your sermons on-line. I’ve never heard a sermon where I am craving to learn more. Your sermons make me want to know more.

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