This Weekend @ Revolution || Trusting in God When You Don’t Understand Him


I’m really excited for this week at Revolution Church. Of course, I’m really excited every week!

This week, we are having a special guest speaker. Josh Watt will be joining us. Josh is the student pastor at Redemption Gateway in Phoenix. Redemption is another Acts 29 church that we partner with.

This week, we will be looking at Ecclesiastes 8 and look at how to know and follow God’s ways. Often, we have no idea what God is doing in our lives or world, or how to partner with him. This can be frustrating when it comes to trusting in God and following him. This week, we’ll look at how to trust God when life doesn’t add up or when you don’t understand what God is doing.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss at Revolution Church. So, bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

So, get there early. Come ready to worship and give Josh a loud, revolutionary welcome this week!

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am.