Being “The Guy”

In sports as in leadership, there is this innate desire to be “the guy.” The one who has the ball in their hands at the last minute, to be the one who makes the crucial call, has everything riding on their shoulders, the one who is known above all the others. I realize, the term “the guy” is not a good way to refer to this person or probably even a biblical way, so don’t leave a comment about that, unless you have a better way to make this point with a different title.

As a football fan, this is seen in coaches. Some guys like Dick LeBeau, Wade Phillips are incredible defensive coordinators, but when they tried to be a head coach, they failed. Why? They aren’t wired that way.

It’s the same in leadership and church planting. It is sexy to be “the guy”, the one everyone hears about, the one who speaks the most, has the most stage time. I’ll be honest, as an 18 year old, this is one reason I wanted to plant a church. God quickly started working on that pride issue in my heart, but that’s another post.

The reality though, everyone is not made to be “the guy.” Everyone is not the star player of the team, a head football coach. Some people are coordinators, position coaches, the 6th man on a basketball roster.

The problem in church planting circles is that these positions (anything not labeled “the guy”) are seen as unimportant or somehow less of a calling. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every person who has planted a church will tell you they need their team to survive, to fulfill ministry and the vision of the church. Yet, many leaders act as if they could do it on their own, that they are the most important person on their team.

Everyone is not wired to be an apostle Paul. Some are wired to be Barnabas and come alongside of Paul (as in the New Testament).

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3 thoughts on “Being “The Guy”

  1. Amen. I was a “Barnabas” to a young church planter a few years ago, and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what God has done with “the guy” in his ministry, as well as my own. When we are allowing God to use our gifts for His glory, it is an amazing experience!

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