I Can’t Sleep


Sleep is an important part of overall health. In spite of this and people knowing this, most people complain that they don’t get enough sleep. One of the things we talk about at Revolution is how to redeem all parts of our lives, sleep or lack of sleep is one of those areas.

So, what do you do if you can’t sleep?

If you are like most people, you take a pill, watch some TV, drink some tea or warm milk. Maybe you read a book.

I used to get up and watch TV a lot when I couldn’t sleep. But, a couple of nights ago I couldn’t sleep so I tried something different.

I prayed.

Now, I know that sounds really spiritual. Many people complain about lacking a connection to God and then we waste all kinds of time. I simply asked God, “Is there some reason I’m up for? Is there something or someone I need to be praying about or for?”

Every person or situation that came to mind, I started praying about it. Whatever I knew about them or that situation.

At some point, I fell asleep.

And yes, falling asleep while you are praying is okay. What better way to fall asleep than talking to your Father?

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