Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • What a weekend at Revolution Church
  • Someone will email me this week and ask if I’m always this excited about what is happening at Revolution Church and how God is moving
  • The answer is, “yes”
  • After yesterday, Paul told me that in 4 years of working together the last 2 weeks were easily our best ever
  • If you missed last week or yesterday you can listen by clicking on the links
  • I talked yesterday about letting go of the people who have hurt us, betrayed us or caused us pain instead of being a victim to our past
  • We had one of the most powerful responses we’ve ever had
  • Check it out
  • Last night for the super bowl, we had our neighbors over and after 4 months of being friends they’ve started to ask questions about Jesus
  • So cool to see how that has happened and see our prayers being answered
  • I announced yesterday about a summer missions trip we are taking to the Czech Republic and some of what we’re praying about in terms of international church planting
  • We’re having a meeting next week after church to talk more about that and how you can be involved
  • I also got to share about a significant gift someone gave us for church planting that is really going to move us closer to planting a church in Midtown
  • Keep praying about that
  • Later this week I get to spend some time with Larry Osborne and 20 other pastors talking about preaching
  • So excited to get some time with other communicators and learn
  • For 2013, preaching is the area of my job that I am spending the most time trying to grow in and take the next step
  • Excited to apply some of what I learn next Sunday as we continue our series Meaning and look at Ecclesiastes 5
  • Speaking of communicating, I stared a great book over the weekend on leadership and communication
  • On Saturday night, I got to speak at the Rev Up retreat
  • It was so cool being with our students and talking with them about forgiving those who have hurt them
  • Really similar to what I talked about on Sunday morning, but with a twist for students
  • I am blown away by the hurt and brokenness among teenagers today
  • The baggage many of them carry is heartbreaking
  • Afterwards, Katie and I checked out a new restaurant near campus called Pasco Kitchen
  • The YELP reviews were correct: the food was great, atmosphere was awesome, it took forever for them to cook the great food
  • This was the weekend that my parents officially moved to Arizona
  • Really excited about having them with us after years of them living on the east coast
  • This is one of those seasons for me personally that is really good, one of those really fruitful seasons
  • I’ll share more on that later

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  2. Josh,

    Your time with Larry Osborne sounds like an amazing opportunity. Are you planning to post some of your insights, gleanings and thoughts from your time with him?

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