This Weekend @ Revolution || Our Problem with God


Last week was an incredible week as we celebrated baptism and the stories of changed lives and continued our brand new series Meaning. We had our highest non-holiday attendance ever. So many first time guests. This week is going to be just as great.

Here’s what we’ll unpack this week as we look at Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 15:

  • These verses are all about the seasons of life we go through and how God uses the high’s and low’s of those seasons to help us become who He created us to become.
  • We often question the existence of God when life is hard or painful and forget that God could exist when life is going well. What if both are from God? What if the time of hurt and happiness are from God and can be redeemed and used by Him? What if there is a time for all the emotions in my life? We’ll look at how God can redeem sadness and joy, healing and building up in our lives, as well as the times when we are the most broken.
  • We are also continuing off sign-ups for our Spring Missional Communities. If you don’t know what an MC is, you can go here to read more about them.
  • Speaking of Missional Communities, here’s something cool that one of them was just able to do.
  • If you haven’t “Liked” the Revolution Fan Page on Facebook, do so now. It is one of the ways we communicate and pass on resources for sermons and other ways to help serve you in your spiritual growth.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss at Revolution Church. So, bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am.