Huge Celebration in One of Revolution’s Missional Communities

A couple of weeks ago we shared at Revolution that one of our Missional Communities was going to be blessing Mage middle school (the school Revolution meets in) with some dry erase markers. We had found out from the principal that teachers need those, run out of them and they are incredibly expensive.

I just got this from that missional community leader:

Today a few members of our MC accompanied me to Magee Middle School to deliver a load of markers to the staff.  The principal asked if I’d like to say a few words which gave me an opportunity to speak to all forty teachers at the school.  Not only did we get a chance to let them know how appreciative we were for allowing us to invade their space each week, but got to invite them to join us at church on a Sunday morning.

What was really cool was how the teachers responded.  They were extremely thankful for the markers, and a few teachers actually spoke up and told the other teachers about the church!  They said they’d been working on Sunday mornings and had seen the transformation the school undergoes to become Revolution. One of the teachers shared how great it was to see kids running around smiling each week and encouraged the other teachers to come check it out.  Our MC is so thankful for God’s hand in allowing us to bless the school, and we’re really excited to see the gospel begin to transform lives there.
If you aren’t in a missional community, please email Ciara Hull to get some more information and join one today.

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