So many Names, Sinners & Saints


I started a 60 day reading plan through the New Testament today and it started in Matthew.

I got stuck on Matthew 1 today as I read through the names found in verses 1 – 17. What struck me was how many names there. Representing thousands of years, countless relationships, so many stories, so many sins, so many examples of redemption.

It is a great reminder that regardless of the sin in our lives, God is able to redeem all things and ultimately use those things for his glory, in his way and in his time. That’s what I think we often forget.

We have a hard time believing God really does forgive and chooses to remember our sins no more. We also have a hard time trusting God because we want him to work on our timetable. We want it resolved now. Redeemed is great, but how about resolving the issues in my life. When they don’t happen quickly, we struggle with trusting him.

While the image above are not the names found in Matthew 1, you get the idea. God takes a bunch of people, broken and in need of a Savior. Redeems them and uses them. In the case of Matthew 1, they were used to be the family tree of Jesus, Son of God.

This week, remember that God has offered the gift of redemption through Jesus. He has offered the grace of forgiveness when we turn to him. By turning to him, he is able to redeem all things in our lives.

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