Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • What a day yesterday at Revolution
  • The first week of Meaning was incredible
  • So many guests yesterday
  • I had a couple of friends come yesterday that God is definitely working on
  • Love seeing the gears move in people’s heads and hearts as the gospel takes root
  • We had our highest non-holiday attendance yesterday for the past year
  • Crazy how God is working in the lives of people
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • We’re having a baptism next week and I’m blown away by the stories of redemption that we’ll hear as people take the next step of publicly declaring their faith
  • Yesterday we kicked off sign-ups for our new spring missional communities that are launching at the end of month
  • Stunned by how they continue to grow and how God continues to use them
  • Can’t believe we will have 10 of them
  • Jared shared about his MC yesterday and how they were able to work with office depot to give over 1400 dry erase markers to Magee middle school
  • Office depot dropped over $1,000 off the price
  • Can’t wait to hear how the teachers react
  • We have another home study today for our Ethiopian adoption
  • It’s been almost 3 years that we’ve been in this process
  • Definitely teaching me endurance as we wait
  • Always makes me wonder why it has to take so long
  • Started a great leadership book yesterday
  • Read great reviews about it, so I’m excited about the angle
  • It is about why what the leader believes is the most important part of the leader
  • Definitely a different take on leadership
  • Next week at Revolution I’m teaching on a topic I’ve never preached on: handling boredom in our lives
  • Everyone is bored, we all wish we had someone else’s life, so we’ll see what the gospel has to say about that
  • Should be fun

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