Tuesday Morning Book Review || Replenish: Leading from a Healthy Soul

bookEvery Tuesday morning, I review a book that I read recently. If you missed any, you can read past reviews here.

This week’s book is Replenish: Leading from a Healthy Soul (kindle version) by Lance Witt. I kept hearing about this book and was not disappointed. Set up as a series of blog posts (each chapter is 3 pages long), it moves rather quickly. Definitely one of those books you could jump around and get the ideas from.

Many pastors and leaders find themselves tired, leading from weariness instead of health and this book seeks to help them find health.

One of the questions from the book that has been running through my mind is What kind of old person do I want to be? That question puts a different spin on goals and resolutions. Still working through what that answer means for me now, but I’m grateful for having to think about it.

Here are a few things that jumped out to me in reading:

  • To help our church be effective at spiritual transformation, and this was his immediate response: “You must live with deep contentment, joy, and confidence in your experience of everyday life with God.”
  • the church’s central issue was not growth but health. When churches are healthy, growth will be the natural byproduct.
  • We will never grow healthy churches with unhealthy leaders.
  • A pastor’s greatest leadership tool is a healthy soul.
  • Godly leadership is always inside out. God always has and always will choose to smile on men and women who are healthy, holy, and humble.
  • It’s dangerous to equip young leaders with vision, leadership, strategy, and church growth principles without equipping them to have healthy souls.
  • Ministry will take all you give it. Your church will take all you are willing to give it. Ministry demands will always exceed your capacity.
  • Direction, not intention, determines our destination.
  • What we often fail to realize is that my life is on a path (direction) headed to a destination. What I am doing today was shaped by what I did yesterday. Who I become tomorrow will be informed by what I do today. And I am writing a scene now that will influence the final scene.
  • I will never drift toward simplicity. The drift is always toward complexity and clutter.
  • “Sabbath is God’s gracious ‘five o’clock whistle’ that gives me permission to stop and lay down my tools, ready or not.”
  • “Many pastors love crowds, they just don’t like people.”
  • leadership is not just about vision and strategy, it’s about people.
  • You can’t diagnose the health of a ministry by its size or rate of growth. Nor can you diagnose it by what happens on the platform on Sunday mornings. If you want to talk about an organization’s true spiritual health, you have to look at the health of the team that leads it.
  • You cannot assume your team is spiritually and emotionally healthy just because you are in a church or ministry.
  • Are the people on your team better Christ followers because of your leadership? Are those you lead better Christians because they’ve been hanging around you and your ministry?
  • More time spent with fewer people equals greater impact.

If you are a leader, this is a book worth putting on your 2013 list of books to read.