Prayer and Parenting

This is the one chief thought on which Jesus dwells. He would have us see that the secret of effectual prayer is to have the heart filled with the father love of God. It is not enough for us to know that God is a father; he would have us come under the full impression of what that name implies. We must take the best earthly father we know; we must think of the tenderness and love with which he regards the request of his child, the love and joy with which he grants every reasonable desire. We must then, as we think in adoring worship of the infinite love and fatherliness of God, consider how with much more tenderness and joy he sees us come to him and gives us what we ask aright. And then, when we see how much this divine arithmetic is beyond our comprehension and feel how impossible it is for us to apprehend God’s readiness to hear us, he would have us come and open our heart for the Holy Spirit to shed abroad God’s father love there. -Andrew Murray