6 Qualities to Look for in Developing Leaders


Pastors and leaders are always on the lookout for younger leader to invest in. People who are worth developing, hiring, etc. At Revolution, one of our goals is to hire from within our church, to raise up pastors and leaders from within those who attend Revolution instead of outside of it.

In his book Relational IntelligenceSteve Saccone gives 6 qualities you should look for a leader worth developing, hiring or spending time with:

  1. Generative. They willingly serve others with a positive attitude of love and helpfulness, as they generate good. They consistently maintain a generative spirit as they strive to love others well. They embody what Jesus embodies – they live to serve, not to be served. They seek to give, not to take. They unselfishly offer their time for other people who in turn unselfishly give their time away for still others. And when necessary, they sacrifice for others with authentic, selfless love.
  2. Grateful. They value people’s time and resources and even express it. Thank you is part of their regular vocabulary. They see every ounce of investment that a person gives them as an undeserved gift. They don’t demand anything, and what others give is always more than enough.
  3. Teachable. They sustain a consistent humble posture, and a strong desire to grow. It’s not just that they want to learn knowledge; they open up their lives to learning from people through relationship, and their learning changes them. They are humble enough to receive advice, suggestions, and input from others.
  4. Missional. They live with conviction for their mission. They believe they have a calling, a significant contribution to make, and that something must be done to bring change in the world. They are focused and drive to pursue the cause they believe in.
  5. Strategic. They think wisely and intentionally about how to use their time well, rather than being cause or even flippant with how they spend it. They strive to expend their best efforts on people who can multiply their impact and advance their mission.
  6. Resilient. They are able to keep going when the going gets tough. Giving up is not an option. They realize that in order to accomplish their mission they must push through obstacles and challenges that hinder progress and forward movement. We want to invest in people who are going to be successful, and successful people don’t give up when it’s hard.

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One thought on “6 Qualities to Look for in Developing Leaders

  1. Nurturing and mentoring become key when developing these individuals who have potential to step out and lead. As you know, doing this with faith (and patience) is challenging (ok, maybe difficult), but well worth the investment of your time and devotion. Jesus took us as followers and taught us to lead, in the same fashion.

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